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The Haven by Wayne Rich X CJ Nelson knows no boundaries. Combining everything Wayne and CJ know about long boarding, we blended performance rails with rockers of tomorrow, added a wide nose with dramatic noseriding concave, and put some aggressive edge in the tail. The result is truly special and unique. A board that does it all, in nearly every condition.  This board tip rides with the best of them and slices turns on a dime. This is one of the most unique and user-friendly longboards in the world today. Take it anywhere and ride it with confidence. 


In 1967, Wayne Rich was taught by Dan Ben Dixon, head shaper of BING SURFBOARDS, about surfing and surfboard builds. He worked with another master, Dewey Weber, for five years to hone his shaping skills. And he started his own brand, WAYNE RICH SURFBOARDS. In 1990 he moved to Northern Ventura and in 1993 he started shaping at the Santa Barbara surf shop. Moreover, the neighbor is Lenny Yeater. Since then, he has been working on original surfboards for many years with Santa Barbara as his home with Laurent Jeater, Max McDonald's and others.


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