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Shaped by Dan Mann TJ PRO

9'0 "x 22 1/8" x 2 5/8 "60.0L

2 + 1 Fin System

Developed by Taylor and Dan Man, "TJ Pro" uses a more aggressive bottom contour than the 900R and has a stronger tail kick. It is a model that allows you to enjoy vertical movement while maximizing the enjoyment of cruising unique to longboards.

The all new Taylor Jenson TJ Pro Longboard in the amazing Thunderbolt Red. Taylor Jensen is one of the top high-performance long boarders in the world and is rolling out his proven Firewire Timbertek shapes in the ground breaking Thunderbolt longboard construction. Taylor and Dan Mann developed the TJ Pro with slightly more aggressive bottom contours and a touch more kick in the tail than Taylor's standard longboard. The TJ Pro will go vertical while still maximizing the fun of cruising on a longer board. This is Taylor Jenson's high-performance longboard, which he was riding to his 3 WSL World Longboard Titles.

Setup with the single fin and side bites the TJ Pro is going to give you all the wave catching of a longboard, with maximum performance off the tail. This is the longboard if you want to take a performance approach to your longboarding, want to take a longboard out in bigger or powerful surf, or normally surf a shortboard or hybrid and looking to keep that familiar approach in the line-up (just with a load more waves!!)

The TJ Pro is constructed using 'Thunderbolt Red' a 100% hand layup Xeon Fibreglass Lamination which delivers a competition weight and flex surfboard. Thunderbolt Red uses a Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank which incorporates a Carbon Fibre Multi-Component Flex Control System which replaces a traditional wooden stringer which along with the Xeon Fibreglass lamination delivers a familiar flex which will remain for the extended lifespan of these durable boards. Thunderbolt Red uses a 6 + 4oz fibreglass deck lamination with 6 + 2oz on the bottom. The Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank is wrapped in a Core Shield PVC Shell which affords flexible protection to the EPS core.

What does this all mean - I hear you ask. Well the tech sounds great, but the surfing experience is awesome. The boards are the most durable on the market, and the spring and response out of turns is like nothing we have surfed before. The TJ Pro in Thunderbolt construction really is a game changer. It's not cheap - but your new Thunderbolt board will last for years, not loose its colour, and feel like a new surfboard every time you surf it. No other longboard construction comes close. These boards are 100% hand layups and finished to the very highest standard, and it's worth remembering that the board you buy from us is exactly the same as Taylor Jensen is riding!

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