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This SUP paddle features our tear shape blade face with a medium-sized surface area. This paddle is for everyone from the smaller sized to larger sized SUPer and is suitable for general purpose SUP paddling. The budget range, entry-level blades are constructed from super tough ABS plastic.


AINSWORTH only use the highest quality of ABS Plastic. This has a high content of butadiene ( Synthetic rubber) and as such is the most expensive form of ABS which can offer the level of durability that AINSWORTH requires. This material is particularly suited to adventure centres, clubs or individuals that demand long life from a lightweight product.

One-Piece Alloy Straight Shaft

AINSWORTH has been making alloy shafted paddles for over 45 years and slowly progressed to being able to process an aluminium alloy that surpasses all its competitors. This titanium enriched alloy is the same spec as used for aircraft construction, it offers the very best corrosion resistance of any aluminium alloy along with a very high tensile strength.

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