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Shaped by Ryan Engle SPROUT

9'2 "x 23" x 3 "74.5L Single Fin System
9'6" x 23 1/2 "x 3" 78.0L Single Fin System
10'0 "x 24" x 3 1/8 "87.0L Single Fin System

Among the many lineups, CJ Nelson's favorite model. Originally shaped by Dane Parley, Ryan Eagle has revived it. It is a model surfed by CJ in the masterpiece "Sprout" produced by Thomas Campbell, and its quality has been proved by riding at classical points such as Malibu in California and Scorpion Bay in Mexico. A masterpiece of nose freak coveted.


The CJ Nelson Sprout longboard in Thunderbolt technology delivers a classic noserider that surfs as well as it looks!

The Sprout is CJ's favourite board of all time. The original was first shaped by Washington shaper Dane Purlee and has now been re-dreamt and modified by Californian craftsman Ryan Engle.

CJ is in no doubt that the Sprout is THE best nose riding longboard he has ever owned and is a replica of the board he rode in Thomas Campbell's brilliant movie "The Sprout".

Yes, the Sprout was designed for Malibu and Scorpion Bay but it'll thrive at any point or rolling beach break and is a must have for any surfer who likes hanging out on the nose.

CJ is a 3rd generation San Franciscan growing up in the Bay Area and following his father and grandfather into a lifetime of surfing. "My father had surfed nearly his whole life learning ocean safety and wave riding from my grandfather at their summer home on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach during the early 50s. I think my dad had his own dreams of professional surfing that were forcefully passed down to me".

When CJ was asked what the downside of Thunderbolt Technology was he answered..."There is no downside or I wouldn't be riding them 90% of the time. In fact the only time I ride wooden stringers is when I'm doing R&D with Eden Saul or Ryan Engle or Wayne Rich or Ian Chisholm or others".

The Sprout is constructed using 'Thunderbolt Silver' a 100% hand layup Fibreglass Lamination which delivers a classic weight and flex surfboard. Thunderbolt Silver uses a Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank which incorporates a Carbon Fibre Multi-Component Flex Control System which replaces a traditional wooden stringer which along with the lamination delivers a familiar flex which will remain for the extended lifespan of these durable boards. Thunderbolt Silver uses a 6 + 6oz deck lamination with 6 + 4oz on the bottom. The Fused Cell EPS Foam Blank is wrapped in a Core Shield PVC Shell which affords flexible protection to the EPS core.

These boards are 100% hand layups and finished to the very highest standard, and it's worth remembering that the board you buy from us is exactly the same as CJ is riding in all those mouth watering video's!

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