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Introducing Dakine brand-new and state-of-the-art Kaimana range of surf leashes.

The Kaimana Team leash is laden with cool features designed to keep you attached to your surfboard while not actually being aware that you're wearing one!

The Kaimana Team leash comes with the Zero Distraction ankle cuff which has an ergonomic base plate which reduces bulk and naturally conforms to the ankle. The cuff also includes silicone grippers which grip your wetsuit (or leg) keeping the cuff from rotating and getting tangled around your legs. The new 6.5mm Dura-Cord urethane cord now features Speed Pockets (similar to a golf ball) which reduce drag without compromising strength. The Kaimana Team leash also features the new infinite Flex 360° moulded leash ends which increase flex and maximise strength while keeping you free from tangles. Lastly the Team leash includes a new Thin Line rail saver which has been redesigned to be me more streamlined and reduce bulk while protecting your board from damage in heavy waves.

Don't underestimate the importance of a good quality surf leash; whilst you should never rely on your leash to keep you safe, there is nothing worse than a snapped leash and a long swim to retrieve your board. Leashes have definitely moved on over the last few years and with the latest design innovations tangle free surfing is at last a reality. 

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