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The FCS II H4 is quite possibly THE most exciting thing to happen to performance fin production since FCS launched it's now go-to FCS II "snap in" fin system.

The H4 certainly looks different to any other fin set out there, but its the H4's performance that really sets it apart.

The H4 is precision Swiss engineered using highly specialized robotic automation with camera assisted quality control which ensures absolute accuracy. The perfect synergy between fin geometry and hi-tech materials to produce an intuitive flex that feels super-smooth and predictable. Constructed from high Density Uni-Directional carbon Fibre. Lightweight and super strong, the H4 is uniquely able to transfer more of your energy/input into speed than any other performance fin set out there!

This is a powerful thruster fin-set with radically different side and centre fin templates delivering speed and drive without compromising control or manoeuvrability.

Side fin profile: Lower section produces maximum acceleration while the hatchet-like tip creates stability and control.
Centre Fin profile: Highly raked elliptical outline reduces drag while offering a feeling of predictability when releasing through turns.

PLEASE NOTE: These FCS II fins are NOT compatible with the original FCS twin tab and FCS Fusion fin plugs.

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