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The FCS II Performer Tri-Quad 5 fin Neo Glass fin set from the new ECO Series. Constructed with 50% glass and bio-resin, the Neo Glass Eco Blend range focuses on a low impact construction with less use of fossil fuels and a smaller carbon footprint than traditional materials. Low impact construction with high impact performance that?s recommended for lightweight and more agile surfers. This is a really reliable all-round fin set, suitable for a wide range of styles and abilities, that excels in a wide variety of conditions, from beach breaks to point breaks. A well proportioned template with Inside Foil Technology (IFT) delivering a nice balance of drive, pivot and hold that'll work in any type of board. This is the perfect thruster or quad set for the surfer wanting a go to fin with a combination of speed, manoeuvrability and flow between turns.

Neo Glass is a brand new construction process which has been getting some rave reviews from the FCS team riders. By blending the finest nylon and long strand fibreglass they have created a fin with some exciting characteristics.
Kai Otton, Felipe Toledo and Davey Cathels have been putting the Neo Glass Fins through their paces and claim, they have plenty of drive and made my board feel alive. And are said to have a superb recoil, increasing drive and carrying speed through turns.
FCS II Neo Glass fins = Fast response, Quick Acceleration, Consistent Performance and Greater Control

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