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North Sands X-Blade All Round 10'6

If you are looking for a board that rides well in all conditions, then this is the board for you. Designed in Salcombe, Devon, being adaptable to all conditions is at the heart of what we do. This board suits beginner to intermediate riders on lakes, rivers, sea and surf.  


With double layer fusion and X-woven drop stitch technology, the board is stiffer and lighter and can take a maximum pressure of 25PSI, making it perfect for all conditions. Our all-round board package is bursting with high quality accessories – lightweight carbon shaft paddle, double action pump, US box fin, hard wearing wheeled bag.


With strong double layer rails and a thickness of 4.75” the board is more stable (lower centre of gravity) while not compromising on stiffness due to its X-Woven Drop Stitch.


This board will deliver never ending enjoyment whether you enjoy a relaxing paddle on a lake, more adventurous paddling on the sea or surfing.


Board Package

  • 10’6'' Allround Paddle Board
  • SUP Carbon Shaft Paddle
  • Leash
  • Double Action Pump
  • 3 fins including a US box fin
  • Hard wearing wheeled bag
  • 2 year warranty


Optional Extra

  • SUP/Kayak Carbon Shaft Paddle (instead of the SUP Carbon Shaft Paddle)
  • Kayak Seat


Board Specification

  • 10’6'' x 32'' x 4.75''
  • Double Layer Fusion Technology
  • X-Woven Drop Stitch – LIGHTER AND STIFFER
  • Recommended pressure 15PSI
  • Maximum pressure 25PSI
  • Board weight 9.25KG
  • Maximum rider weight 120KG
  • Deck pad tail kick
  • Strong double walled rails
  • 3 strong handles
  • 4 kayak seat D ring connection points


What is X-Woven Drop Stitch Technology

X-Woven Drop Stitch Technology produces the lightest and stiffest boards on the market. Inside every paddle board are polyester fibres, known as drop stitch, ensuring the board remains in a flat board shape. If it wasn’t for the drop stitch the board would be tube shaped. In most paddle boards on the market the drop stitch comprises of vertical fibres however, in the North Sands 10’6'' all-round board the fibres are woven, increasing rigidity and tensile strength of the board while reducing the weight of the board at the same time.


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