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Mikey February's premier traction tail pad from Octopus features thick 'corduroy' striped traction. This provides strong side to side grip, preventing the foot from slipping while allowing repositioning forward and back with more ease. Mikey has chosen a 4 piece template for adaptability on your surfboard. Meaning the pieces can placed a little wider or narrower on the board depending on model template. This tail pad has no arch for maximum board feel and kick tail to keep the foot in place.

VANS / Octopus Team Rider, Mikey February is one of our favourite contemporary surfers. Known for his style, easy going exploration of global waves and timeless lines on any board. Check him out in his edit Sonic Souvenirs or videos drawing lines on his Channel Islands Mikey February 'Twin Pin' or Channel Islands CI Mid, timeless.

Octopus make technically excellent, stylised surf accessories and essentials smattered with an air of subterfuge under their 'The Largest Surf Company in The World' banner. They're team includes some of our favourite contemporaries such as Mikey February, Chippa Wilson, Harry Bryant, Dion Agius, Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Ian Crane and more.

Mikey February Signature Surfboard Tail Pad

Unique Thick Corduroy Traction

4 Piece Tail Pad

Dimensions: 12" x 12"

No Arch Bar (Flat)

Kick: 50º Kick / 30mm Height

Octopus Inlayed Logo Badge

Style ref: OGR001MF1