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Starboard Wing Foil Package Consists of:
  • LiteTech 7'0 Wingfoil Board
  • S-Type 2000 Glass Foil
  • FreeWing Air 2 5m Wing
Wing Boarding / Wing Foiling is the hottest new wind sport. It combines a kiteboard kite-like sail, but is handheld similar to a windsurf sail. It’s essentially a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite but with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached! This makes Wing boarding a lot easier to learn but still offers riders that awesome free flight sensation by using a handheld inflatable surfing wing.
LiteTech 7'0 Wingfoil Board
A progressive board for starting out in Wingboarding. The 7’0” is large enough to cater for riders up to 110kg while still a compact and manoeuvrable design
• Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements.
• Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
• Comes with shoulder carry strap inserts. Starboard shoulder carry strap can be purchased after market.
• All inserts have added high-density foam reinforcements.
Length: 7’0” / 213 cm 
Width: 31” / 79 cm
Thickness: 5.7" / 14.5 cm
Volume: 145L

S-Type 2000 Foil

GLASS - A new line of entry foils. The Glass series are entry foils that are fully compatible and upgradable with Starboard Foils' Modular Foil Platform. 

The blue G100 wings are made from a pre-preg glass sandwich construction. The one-piece fuselage uses a non-adjustable Quick Lock II system for the front wing fitting.

All Glass series foils come with the V8 aluminium mast system.

S-Type 2000 Glass Components: 

  • Front Wing S-Type 2000 G100
  • Tail Wing RAZR250 G100
  • 61cm Hybrid Fuselage
  • 72cm V8 Mast

FreeWing Air 5M Wing

The brand new FreeWing AIR is designed for wing foil beginners to experienced, down-the-line wing surfers. The deep narrow and forward window position is designed for clear visibility when riding and now with the new aft windows on the bigger sizes ensures your safety while having a great time on the water. The center strut is extra wide where it meets the leading edge strut, making that connection rigid for more power and stability and control.