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The TAHE range of rigid Sit-On-Top kayaks have built their reputation on classic designs, ergonomic seating area and simple, high quality fittings.

Simple to use, super-stable, affordable, perfect for beach-side holiday enjoyment.

The Ouassou is a super-versatile kayak ideal for beach fun, waves and white water. The stern handles let you hang on to body drag and allow easy access on board. The ‘spatula’ hull design gives the Ouassou excellent response and tracking in surf. Meanwhile, its compact form and light weight make this a kayak that is easy to transport and store.

Key Features

  • TST -Twin Sheet Manufacture Technology = increased strength, excellent finish quality, increased UV resistance
  • Comprehensive Outfitting: Bow, Stern and keel protectors, integral carry handles
  • Tri-Hull Design for great stability, glide and performance
  • Foam seat pads = improved paddle comfort
  • Life lines = easy to climb back on board
  • Versatile kayaks with great stability thanks to its wide, flat hull design
  • Minimal water draught for exploring everywhere, even in the shallowest water
For who?
Complete beginners and intermediate level occasional paddlers. Also recommended for groups (clubs, schools, families).

Simple, stable kayaks at an affordable price, for flat water paddling.


Measurements: 8'6" x 31" | 2.60 x 0.78m
Weight: 39lbs | 18kg
Crew:1 adult + 1 child* / 242lbs | 110kg


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