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Tiki SUP Carry Strap

Tiki SUP Carry Strap

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The Tiki Surf SUP Carry strap, a very simple and effective way of getting your stand up paddle board to the waters edge. This will work equally well with an inflatable paddle board, a rigid paddle board or even a surf longboard.

Tiki has designed this SUP carry strap to easily retro fit to any type of paddle board, It does not require any tools or additional fittings to the paddle board. The webbing strap measure 436cm in length. On each end of the main strap is a sewn eyelet. This makes it very easy to create a larger loop by way of a larks foot. You can then simply wrap these lopps around the board. There is also a padded shoulder pad. This also slides for the perfect position to suit the user.


  • General Features
  • --------------------
  • 38mm Wedding Construction
  • Sewn Eyelets on each end to loop
  • Sliding Shoudler Pad
  • Dimensions
  • - Length - 436cm
  • - Width - 38mm
  • - Loops 15cm
  • Shoulder Pad
  • - Length - 28cm
  • - Width - 9cm
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