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Eco-friendly ‘Starboard’ now in stock!

Eco-friendly ‘Starboard’ now in stock!

July 04, 2023

Here at MAD Water Sports, we know how lucky we are to live and work where we do, and so do Starboard. Starboard’s vision is to bring innovation, quality and inspiration to the world of wind, water and waves. This ethos, which Starboard was founded on, rings true for us here at MAD Water Sports. We aim to work with brands and suppliers that care about our planet, and do what they can to be as sustainable as possible in their practises. That is why our stock is chock full of Starboard products, all of which are aimed at bringing enjoyment to those that love the water as much as we do, whilst respecting the fragility of our oceans and doing what we can to protect them.

Local environment

Our shop is located just outside of Wadebridge, and not far from the Camel Estuary. From our front door, we can hop straight onto the Camel Trail and begin the journey of traversing the spectacular scenery that adorns the South West Coast Path. This slice of nature is a gentle, but powerful reminder of why we care so much about being eco-friendly here at MAD Water Sports, and it’s right on our doorstep. We live in a paradisiacal part of the UK that is surrounded by the ocean, a blue playground that we base our lives around, so why wouldn’t we do what we can to keep it healthy? Starboard shares our passion for the oceans, which is why we love to have them on board.


Paddleboarding around Cornwall


Starboard manifesto

At Starboard, their Environmental and Social Responsibility Manifesto highlights how they go about reducing their carbon footprint. For example, for every one board sold, they plant one mangrove, in a bid to offset their carbon emissions. Their offices also use solar panels that already create up to 65% of the energy they need to run effectively. At Starboard, much like at MAD Water Sports, they encourage their employees to do their bit, which can come in the form of beach cleans, rubbish pick ups and reducing single-use plastics. They also have bicycles available as a mode of transportation for employees, so it’s not just their products that are manufactured with the planet in mind, but their daily practices, too.

 Starboard Surf Paddleboard


Starboard products

Starboard supplies MAD Water Sports with a vast array of paddleboards, foils, paddles and accessories, all of which have been designed with performance, and the planet, at the forefront of their designs. Their R&D team is continually on the hunt for new, innovative ways in which to craft their products. Their aim is to use recycled plastic bags, and natural materials, rather than the more harmful choice, whenever possible. We champion this effort, as we strive to ensure our products are sourced from companies who are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce the plastic used in manufacturing, and ensure longevity of their products rather than opting for a cheap alternative.

As SUP boarding has become increasingly popular, inflatable products are flooding the market that are poor in quality and have a low lifespan. This creates an almost ‘disposable’ mindset that will ultimately end up in landfill, or back in our oceans. This is something we do not condone and strive to reduce via raised awareness and the availability of more sustainable, long-lasting products made from renewable materials.

Thanks to Starboard, we can now say that we stock a wide range of good-quality products that are ready for you to enjoy on the open seas! See below for an overview of what we have in store.


Starboard SUP


Starboard Inflatable SUP

These lightweight paddle boards feature the trademark Starboard shoulder carry strap, lightweight leash, and the bungee strap at the nose that’s great for storing dry bags full of gear. These hand additions ensure you are ready for your next SUP adventure, wherever it may take you. These iGo boards are known for being steady, fast and super easy to turn. It’s the perfect paddle board range for first-time paddlers, families with pets and anyone who wants less fuss and more fun on the water! 


Starboard Inflatable SUP


Starboard All Star Wood Carbon

The all-new Starboard Allstar 14-foot paddle board raises the bar for paddleboard performance further still. This is Starboard’s best value construction, while delivering winning race shapes at a competitive weight. The Wood Carbon construction uses an Australian Pine layer for reinforcement across the full length of the board, while Unidirectional Carbon is also used to provide greater durability and stiffness.


Starboard All Star Wood Carbon


Starboard Lima Pre Preg Carbon Oval Shaft Paddle

The direct catch and ability to redirect automatically is what makes world champion racing teams choose the Lima Paddle. These champions boast that the Lima propels the board faster through the water. This is the new standard in high-performance paddling, with an innovative concave design that guides the water with the blade controlling wobbling and increasing the water flow speed. The flat top and wide grip of the handle also creates powerful leverage, ideal for side winds to keep the board on the course you’ve set.

 Lima Paddle from Starboard

If that wasn’t enough, every paddle comes with a trash picker, a tool designed to help you remove waste from the ocean whilst on your adventures. Because it’s never a bad time to do your bit!

You can explore our full range of Starboard products here.