Cornwall Water Sports

About Us

The business focus is on the supply of quality, brand leading, products in the surfing and SUP sector. The business stocks a range of quality and affordable products to high end, super performance products designed to cater for every budget and match your specific needs and experience.

This is a company gearing itself on old fashioned service values, help and expert advice, yet still a family run business; Steve, Lesley and Tom Kirk who have years of experience between them.


MAD Water sports aims to work with and purchase from suppliers who have invested in the development and production of their products to provide great lifespan and performance.

MAD Water Sports Ltd strives to ensure products are sourced and supplied from companies who are keen to reduce plastic in their packaging and develop products manufactured to ensure a good lifespan and product longevity but monitoring all processes to maximise their carbon footprint reduction.

In the developing growth sectors like SUP, inflatable products are flooding the market with poor quality and manufacture, creating almost disposable products that will ultimately end up in landfill.

All inflatable SUPs are a compromise on the quality and performance of hard boards, but they provide convenience and for some, this is the only viable option to owning the product.

The big brands are working hard to develop products that will perform well, products that will stand the test of time, this obviously means these products come at a price. As the sport evolves and grows, production numbers go up, the cost of these good products will inevitably come down and the gap between the cheaper and the quality end of the market will narrow. However, the better products, whilst they may cost more, will have higher resale value because of their quality whilst the cheaper products simply won't and will be disposed of.

As technology changes and production methods improve we will ensure that we present you with the latest products and fashions, and guarantee we will not compromise on our standards or service, providing products that will aim to have a future value.

MAD Water Sports aims to ensure our products will last in time and ultimately provide good performance for many years, and our service, advice and attention to detail will always be at the forefront of our Mantra.