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Join the Electric Revolution with SUPER73 Electric Bikes at MAD Water Sports

Join the Electric Revolution with SUPER73 Electric Bikes at MAD Water Sports

September 06, 2023

Recently added to MAD Water Sports’ ever-growing collection of adventure gear is a brand-new shipment of Electric Bikes from SUPER73.

E-bike sales have tripled in the last 5 years in the UK, from around 55,000 in 2017 to the estimated 155,000 in 2022. According to research by the World Bicycle Industry Association, e-bikes now account for 10% of global bicycle sales.

Eco-friendly Daily Commute

These lifestyle cycles not only appeal to us because of their fantastic looks, they are also much better for the global and local environment than combustion engines. With a long range to their batteries, they can easily be swapped in for your local daily commute, saving on parking, fuel, road tax and insurance!

Super73 ebikes

Mental Health Benefits

They promote active travel as they enable riders to incorporate exercise into their everyday journeys, which brings mental and physical health benefits. In these spendthrift times, what a better way to make environmentally green changes to your lifestyle and boost your mental health!

Who are SUPER73®?

SUPER73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand based in Orange County, CA that develops products that fuse motorcycle heritage with youth culture. Founded in 2016, SUPER73 has quickly grown into one of the most recognisable electric vehicle brands in the world with a passionate customer base including A-list celebrities, professional athletes, and many more.

Heritage Design

The motorcycle-inspired design is a distinctive blend of urban cruiser and off-road scrambler, and with four-inch-wide tyres you can ride anywhere, be it sand, snow, mud or the city streets, with no license needed! These UK legal bikes feature electric assist pedals, day lights and brake lights, adjustable suspension, eight speed gears and an electric range of up to 120km. 

 Heritage design

The SUPER73 Ranges

SUPER73 have three main ranges in their family to cater for different riding styles and terrains.

The R-Series

These adventure bikes feature a powerful drive system, dual suspension and improved weight distribution which makes them ideal for rugged terrain. They also include the R-Adventure with its rugged off-road tyres, and the R-Brooklyn model with the super sucker street tyres. Both can be test ridden at the MAD Water Sports store!

The S-Series

These cycles showcase an iconic urban scrambler style equipped with fully adjustable front suspension, large LED headlight and brake lights, and a ‘2Up’ seat, perfect for about-town exploring.

The Z-Series

These e-bikes feature urban inspired design for a comfortable commute and an effortless ride. Featuring lighter weight frames, easy handling and a more compact size

Try them out for yourself

With the cost saving, ecologically friendly advantages and mental health benefits, what are you waiting for? Head over to MAD Water Sports and try them out for yourself or view the whole collection here. 

In the meantime,  you can find us at Weston Beach Race, in Weston-Super-Mare from the 22nd-24th September, with SUPER73 bikes in tow.