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We are the Authorised SUPER73 E-Bike Service Centre for the South West!

We are the Authorised SUPER73 E-Bike Service Centre for the South West!

March 12, 2024

Mad Water Sports is pleased to announce that we are now the official Authorised SUPER 73 Service Centre for the South West.

You can now book your bike in and let us do the mucky work for you!

It is essential to service your bike on a regular basis to ensure it performs at its best and also to protect your investment. Annual service is required to maintain your 2year warranty.

You can also book your bike in to add some modifications or upgrades too!

In conjunction with Fox, we have limited number of Fox Float 3 EVOL Rear Shocks, these are air compression shocks and provide the smoothest of rides. Why not book your bike in for a service and we can upgrade your shock at the same time. (Very limited numbers of shocks available)

Basic maintenance schedule

Electric bikes have all the mechanical parts of a regular bike, with the added pleasure of an electrical motor, both of which need your attention and maintenance.

To prolong the lifespan of your electric bike, you should develop a planned maintenance schedule. We’ll help you with this below or contact us directly to book your bike in for a deep clean, a repair or a service.

Before and after each ride

Before taking your bike on the road, you should ensure it’s in working order. First, assess the alignment of the wheels, and check to see if the brakes are working properly.

Then, check the lights are functioning and any attachments to the bike are secure.

Check the battery has enough charge for your planned ride.

After you return, park your bike, and store it in a clean and dry place, making sure your kickstand is tightly secured. If you don’t have a garage/shed for your bike, you can purchase a SUPER73 bike cover to keep the worst of the weather off the electricals and moving bike parts. You should also use high security grade lock, like the Abus Bordo Granit Lock to protect your investment. 

Monthly checkup

With every passing month comes the potential for something to go wrong with your bike. Monthly checkups are essential to keeping your bike in great working condition. Always make sure your cables, tyres, and levers are working correctly.

Check the wear and tear on your brake rotors or pads to prevent costly repairs. Also, do not forget to lube the chain. 

Every six months

How frequently you check your electric bike depends on how often you’re riding it. The kind of checkups you do over long periods can prevent massive breakdowns. When checking your electric bike twice a year, you should check the bottom bracket, inspect the crankshaft, and ensure the bolts are tight on each crank.

Again, if you are usure about any of this, book your bike in with our team for a health check-up.

How to wash and clean your electric bike

Are electric bikes waterproof?

Not quite.

For the best maintenance of your electric bike, it's important to never allow any water to get into the sealed batteries and motors – ever! Avoid using a powerful jet wash, as it can penetrate delicate areas and damage the bike's seals. When needed, lightly wipe away dirt with a damp cloth and use a gentle soap (like Muc-Off waterless Wash or bike cleaner) to remove excess grease. Always be cautious when cleaning to ensure the longevity of your bike. 

Bike Chain

Most electric bikes use components developed for assisted riding; remember that the motor will add strain to components and therefore regular safety checks to ensure that all the bolts are tightened securely, and the chain is clean and in good condition, is important.

The chain should be cleaned well and treated with a high-performance synthetic chain lube to make sure your chain can handle the hi-torque of the Super73 motor whilst remaining water repellent.


Electric bike tyres are designed for durability. They can take you through many different road and track styles and textures. However, tyres must be checked before every ride for proper inflation.

Be careful not to inflate your tyres too much or too little. Underinflated tyres can compromise your control over the bike, while overinflated ones might burst.
Also check the tread for sharp objects and the side walls are properly intact. Proper maintenance checks keep your bike dependable when you need it most.


Brakes are essential to keep your riding experience as safe as possible. To keep your brakes in good working order for as long as possible, you’ll want to avoid getting grease or other substances onto the pads or the disc. Regularly check the efficiency of your brakes.

Eventually, the bike may need new pads, discs or cables and levers; this is something best left to the trained service engineer, so do book your bike in with us should it require this type of work.

Brakes are assessed as part of a service, so if you are not sure if your brakes need attention, book it in for a service and we can check this out for you.


Always charge your battery at room temperature in a dry location. To improve the lifespan of your battery, avoid leaving it fully charged or fully discharged for long periods. Below are some added tips for optimizing your battery’s lifespan:

  • Never store a discharged battery
  • Recharge your battery every day/every ride
  • Never expose the battery to high temperatures
  • Don’t open the battery

In addition to this, make sure to protect your battery against mechanical damage, heat, fire, and water. If your battery meets any of these hazards, you’ll risk causing an explosion.

SUPER73 makes quality electric bikes!

Maintenance helps you prevent major repairs and replacements down the road. These quick and easy fixes will easily add years to the lifespan of your electric bike — without question.

Super73’s goal is to provide a cycling experience that keeps you coming back, thanks to the bikes' long lifespan. You'll never forget the feeling of riding up a steep hill at top speed without breaking a sweat - it'll leave you wondering why you didn't get one sooner!

If you need parts for your bike or are looking for the best gear to upgrade your ride, speak with one of our Super73 professionals today or book your bike in for any upgrades or maintenance works.

Visit our SUPER73 accessories web pages to discover the accessories you could add to personalise your ride!