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Auburn & Fall Candle Co. - Constantine 

Strawberry Milkshake Scent. Made from 100% Natural Eco Soy Wax, hand poured in small batches and inspired by the North Cornish Coastline.

Auburn and Fall Candle Co. have been hand making and hand pouring 100% soy candles for around two years, we started making them as handmade gifts. At the beginning of 2020, we suddenly found we had far more time on our hands to focus on our craft. Our aim was to create eco-friendly handmade candles and wax melts that were made using ethically sourced and vegan ingredients whilst still being attractive, affordable and that smelled lovely.

 Our Cornish coast inspired range has been designed especially for MAD Water Sports, with its customers in mind.

 Each candle has been designed, poured and packaged in small batches to try to ensure a high quality of eco candle, without the chemicals used in big brands. Soy wax burns for 35-50% longer overall than the paraffin wax used by most big brands.

 Wanting to put our customers safety first, we have opted to use slim soy waxed wicks in our coast candles, this ensures that the metal of the tin doesn’t overheat and become even more of a potential fire hazard, remember to monitor your candles and burn on a heat resistant surface.

 Auburn and Fall’s Soy Candle Tips and Tricks:

  1. Always trim your wick! It may seem too small, but we advise that you trim your wicks to roughly 5mm before each burn! This increases the burning time of your candle and ensures they burn for hours at a time! Long wicks mean the flame could dissipate before the candle is finished!
  1. If you notice your candle starting to tunnel – use a hair dryer! As these candles are void of any chemicals which can be harmful to us and to the environment they burn differently to the big brands and some can end up tunnelling (or burning only around the wick). Ensure your candle is not lit and begin to melt the top of the wax with your hair dryer, ensuring there is at least 5mm of wick left above the wax level. This will help your candle to burn more evenly even if it doesn’t stop the tunnelling completely.
  1. Limit your burn time! Burn for an hour or two max at a time. This will mean that you can stay on top of your wick, ensuring it stays short. However please remember to wait until the candle is not lit and the wax has set before trying to trim.
  1. Soy wax is healthier for you and your home! Paraffin candles may be cheaper and burn more evenly overall, but soy candles really do burn clean. Candles are lit to help us relax and make our home environment cosier, the last thing we want is our walls and curtains get stained with soot! The soot paraffin candles give off contains two types of carcinogens… better to relax without the health threat!

We hope you enjoy our coast candles and that these tips and tricks help you to burn better!