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£95.00 GBP

Classic Pivot

Pivot fins are a staple in longboard surfing, and always the best choice when noseriding is your focus. After 30 years of riding pivot fins, this is the new brainchild of CJ Nelson. Adding a little more rake for drive and rounding out the tip allows this fin to perform on another level. Offering more drive and flow than your average pivot.

CJ rides this fin in most of his pintail logs or his beloved noserider, the Sprout, if he wants to add a bit more drive and flow. As tails narrow or pin, we add more rake for more ergonomic steering and hold. With increasing interest in pintails and boards with more pulled-in tails, the Classic Pivot was born.  This classic profile and it’s rigid-flex foil make this fin a mega functional addition to any log.

CJ: “Get more performance out of any noserider with this one.”