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FUTURES P8 Alpha Size Large

£60.00 GBP

The Futures P8 thruster set in the excellent Alpha construction is an alternative the the already successful F8 Alpha fin. The F8 Alpha is the go to for every day surfing in a wide range of boards, this new shape P8 version is more upright in design and so gives more pivot, tighter turns and a looser feel. If you're surfing more of a performance board or better waves, or just want a looser feel the P6 is the template for you.

Produced in Huntington Beach, the Alpha product line combines Bureo's NetPlus recycled fishing nets with Futures' Compound 6 (C6) carbon and air infused technology. The responsive flex characteristics of C6 combine with the neutral Legacy Series template to create one of the most exciting new products on the market.

These fins teamed with your fave board will give you a different different feel and improve your surfing, and life in general!