Cornwall Water Sports

GoPro MAX Battery Charger + Enduro

£69.99 GBP

Charge up to two cold-weather MAX batteries.

 Conveniently charge two GoPro batteries simultaneously, plus give your camera an extra boost. This pack includes a dual battery charger for MAX batteries, plus an Enduro battery that improves MAX’s performance in cold weather. With Enduro, you’ll be able to capture ski, snowboard and other winter shots at lower temperatures than ever before while also extending recording times across a wide temperature range.

 Product Details

  • Includes Dual Charger for MAX, 1 Enduro for MAX Rechargeable Battery and USB-C cable
  • 1600mAh lithium-ion batteries boosts camera performance over standard GoPro battery across a wide temperature range
  • Improves cold-weather performance in temperatures down to 14°F (-10°C)
  • Increases recording times so you can shoot longer without swapping.
  • Optimizes charging so you’ll get a fully charged battery as quickly as possible
  • Conveniently charges via USB port
  • Dual LED lights display charging status of both batteries
  • Works with Enduro and standard GoPro batteries for MAX