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MAD Water Sports BOTTLE UP 500ml

£19.99 GBP £23.99

Make the most of your workdays, sports, and home life with MAD Water Sports Bottle'UP 500ml! This innovative and reusable bottle keeps your drinks hot/cold for up to 24 hours, providing an effortless way to stay hydrated. Its double steel walls and silicone closure make it even more reliable. Adopt the Bottle'UP and bring responsibility to your everyday!

Bottle ‘UP what is it?

Easy to carry and with a sleek design, the Bottle'up is the ideal companion for everyday use.

Bottle'up is a collection of insulated bottles maintaining beverages hot for 12h and cold for 24h, thanks to the stainless-steel double-wall. This technology has no impact on the drink's flavor. The silicon gasket on the lid ensures perfect tightness and is leak-proof.

Added feature : press and turn the rotatable lid Time'up to set the time you put the drink inside the bottle, a useful notice for your daily life!