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Chippa Wilson's signature front deck surfboard grip from Octopus has optional extra coverage, increasing surface area for adjusted foot placement. It's 7 piece design means you get optional extra bars at the front end of the pad for moving the foot forward, as you might do for airs or more radical surfing. This 7 piece design is finished with the single pass centre bar, which has forward and backwards traction while the fine 'corduroy' either side helps prevent side to side slipping of the foot.

We can't get enough of Chippa Wilson's skate style onslaught in the water. His inventiveness, air height and commitment, couple with real style is as good as Australian surfing gets.

Octopus make technically excellent, stylised surf accessories and essentials smattered with an air of subterfuge under their 'The Largest Surf Company in The World' banner. They're team includes some of our favourite contemporaries such as Mikey February, Chippa Wilson, Harry Bryant, Dion Agius, Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Ian Crane and more.

Corduroy Grip™ Pattern

Single Pass Centre Bar

Hybrid 7 Piece Front Deck Traction Pad

Dimensions: 14.4" W x 17.4" H

3mm Thickness Throughout

Octopus Inlayed Logo Badge

Style ref: OGR002CWF