Cornwall Water Sports

Rusty Egg Not 7.6 (TEC)

£775.00 GBP

7’6 x 21.75” x 3.05” - 57 ltr


The Egg Not is a squash tail version of our mid-length board, the eGG. The Squash tail adds a little more area, lengthens the rail line, and has a more pivoty feel compared to a roundtail. The Egg Not is a great board to have in your quiver. When the surf is average, you’ll have plenty of wave catching ability and it will carry through sections but the board will still be loose enough to turn with ease. As a plus, when the surf gets a bit bigger, it still works surprisingly well! 

The Egg Not features a relaxed rocker on the front end of the board which helps with paddle speed, wave catching, and overall glide. The curve is a bit above average which translates to helping tighten the arc of your turns without giving up speed. The thickness of the board is a little on the thin side for a board this size. These leaner rails make the board easier to put in the water and also helps it hold better in bigger surf.

Fin setup here is your call. For a higher performance feel we recommend a 4-fin setup. If you’re looking for something a little cruisier or more traditional feel do a 2 plus one setup.

The Egg Not is available in Torq ACT and TEC construction.

Shape Info: