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£2,150.00 GBP £3,345.00

SIC BULLET 14’0” x 30”.

The much-anticipated shape update of the Bullet series in 2020 did not let fans down. The Bullet is in a class of its own and one of the most versatile designs in the SIC paddleboarding range. The Bullet can do it all, and in addition to being a tremendous downwind board, it is designed to be a versatile fitness and touring board that can drop-in and surf ocean swell as well as beach and point breaks. The Bullet has earned a reputation as being the Swiss Army Knife of SUP.

The Bullet has won Best Overall Board and Best All-Around Board at the SUPConnect Awards. It has won accolades from Men’s Health and Outside Magazine, to mention two. But most importantly, it has won the hearts and minds of paddlers around the world that have come to appreciate, trust, and love the Bullet’s versatile performance.

Ideal for

Touring and downwind versatility
Ocean swell surfing
Fitness paddling


The Bullet is not only a tremendous downwind board, it's designed to be a versatile touring board that can drop-in and surf swell as well as beach and point breaks.

Product Specifications

  • Complete dimensions 426 cm x 76.2 cm x 318L
  • Weight 27.6 lbs / 12.5 kg
  • Max riders weight 275 lbs / 125 kg


PLANING BOTTOM - For stability and surfing bumps and waves

CHISEL TAIL - To drop the tail in bumps and control while surfing

FULL RAILS - For stability

7.0” WEEDLESS FIN - For excellent tracking and glide

CROSS-CUT EVA DECK PAD - For traction and grip

EZ-GRAB CARRY HANDLE - For easy transport and less fatigue

LEASH PLUG - To connect leash for safety

GORE-TEXTM BREATHER VENT - Allows board to breathe and prevent delamination

ACTION CAMERA MOUNT ON THE NOSE - To capture your adventures on the water

SUPER FLY (SF) is constructed with a lightweight EPS core that is fully wrapped in high-density PVC tip-to-tail and 360 degree around the rail and then sandwiched between fiberglass and carbon fiber for superior stiffness, durability, and performance.