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The BATTLE paddle is like no other paddle in the world. With a pre-preg carbon, tapered oval shaft, you get the lightest weight paddle with minimal deflection for maximum stoke power, Fast, strong, light weight is the winning combination. The blade is a light-weight 24k carbon fiber sandwiched over a high-quality, top secret, PVC foam core. The handle is a 100% carbon fiber, bladder molded construction with an ergo dynamic grip.

Shaft: 100% Prepreg Carbon shaft 25mm stiffness, Oval tapered, Standard 87” cut-to-length shaft

Grip: Carbon fiber Grip, Bladder molded, EVA wrapped Ergo-dynamic grip

Blade: 24K 100% Prepreg Blade (with ABS reinforced tip), Light- weight PVC core sandwich, 12 degree blade sweep for optimal power, Foiled to minimize turbulence, providing the smoothest entry/exit possible, Curved tip and concave power face for a quick catch, Blades offered in two sizes: 80 and 90 square inches.

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