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The cut to length adjustable Maliko features a new blade shape that focuses on power and efficiency, offered in slim and standard shaft diameter.

The Maliko Standard and Maliko Slim feature a new blade shape with a shorter and wider (LAR) shape than the Battle. This paddle is excellent for all-around racing, recreation, surfing, and SUP foiling. The Maliko is offered in both standard and slim shaft, ensuring a great fit for any paddler. This shaft is also a bit softer than the Battle and is gentler on your shoulders, which is essential for people who paddle often and for those who like to paddle longer distances. The non-slip texture on the shaft and grip will give both comfort and grip while paddling hard. The CTL shaft and Ergo2 T-Grip will allow you to cut to the perfect length and paddle comfortably. The shaft is compatible with both SIC's Ergo2 CTL grip and Lever Lock adjustable grip.