Cornwall Water Sports

Stand Up Paddle - a Paddlers Guide Book

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Wild Things - Paddle Boarding in South West England

100 of the best places to SUP, Canoe & Kayak in the South West of England.

Discover the gems of England's South West: from majestic rivers to stunning canals, and from captivating lakes to tranquil estuaries and celebrated beaches.

With over 100 destinations in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire & Somerset, you can explore and paddleboard, canoe and kayak to your heart's content.

Follow meandering estuaries to wild swim, picnic on glimmering sands, paddle through majestic sea arches and uncover hidden grottoes. Enjoy colourful underwater vistas, family-friendly routes with great cafes, pubs and stops, or simply float peacefully along water meadows. Spot dolphins and marvel at starling murmurations, and maybe even glimpse the elusive otter.

This reliable guide has all the advice and tips you need, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned paddler. With glittering photography and a variety of routes, treat yourself to this beautiful and inspiring book - perfect for water-lovers and adventurers.