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STARBOARD ALL STAR WOOD CARBON - 14' x 26" (with Touring Bag)

£1,999.00 GBP £2,749.00


The Starboard Allstar 14 foot Wood Carbon is arguably the fastest and certainly the most successful race SUP of all time.

The all-new Starboard Allstar 14 foot paddleboard raises the bar for paddleboard performance further still. To increase the performance of what has long been the world most successful race board is no mean feat, but the design team at Starboard along with their roster of the worlds best stand up paddlers have achieved it.

The most notable difference in the Starboard Allstar is it’s dug out design which dramatically improves stability and control by lowering the centre of gravity of the paddler. This enables you to focus on every stroke and make sure you are achieving maximum power output. The tail outline of the Allstar has also be revised and made narrower, this makes for faster acceleration as well as more responsive when at the tail of the board, particularly downwind and when rounding a mark.  Starboard are always pushing, searching to make the best even better.

The underside of the Allstar is largely unchanged from the previous year which debuted the round vee with a double concave that made the Allstar much faster albeit with a decrease in stability; however, with the 2022 addition of the dugout the Allstar has now never been more stable and its performance more accessible.

The Starboard Allstar Wood Carbon is Starboard’s best value construction while delivering winning race shapes at a competitive weight. The Wood Carbon construction uses an Australian Pine layer for reinforcement across the full length of the standing area. While Unidirectional Carbon is also used to provide greater durability and stiffness. The rails of all Wood Carbon constructions are also treated to UD carbon to increase longitudinal strength and stiffening.



14'0" x 26"

Rider Weight

70-105 kg


14'0" / 426.7 cm


26" / 66 cm


10.5" / 26.6 cm

Tail Width

15.2” / 38.5 cm


340 L

Fin Set Up



Race Ultra


WOOD CARBON: 14.2 kg (est)