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Starboard 14'0" Touring Deluxe 2022 - iSUP Package Includes:

  • Starboard iSUP Backpack
  • Starboard Tiki Pump
  • Starboard Leash
  • Starboard Dol-Fin 22 Net Positive Fin

Starboard 14'0" Touring Deluxe 2022 - Measures:




Tail Width



Rider Weight

14’0” / 426.7 cm

30” / 81.3 cm

6” / 15 cm

16.6” / 42.2 cm

389 L


60-120 kg


Starboard 14'0" Touring Deluxe 2022 - Features:

  • Parallel outline recovers stability lost from the standing area and delivers a more balanced glide.
  • The wide tail outline makes it easy to step back turn.
  • Shoulder carry strap 2 in 1 makes it effortless to carry to the water and allows you to fix your paddle when you don’t need it

The 2022 Starboard 14'0" Touring Deluxe has an all-new narrower width and parallel outline which not only fast, but also increases tracking. These combine to get riders up to 120kg and the 2022 14'0" Touring Deluxe to your destination easier and quicker than ever before. Immense glide is assured as this inflatable paddle board is not only one of the most rigid available. The galvanised rails and welded rail technology of the Touring Deluxe sets the board apart from the rest. 

The New Woven Drop stitch Technology makes the Deluxe Starboard Range one of the most performant constructions in the world of SUP.

Fusion Woven Drop stitch - Woven fabrics reduce stretch, hold more tension and create a stiffer board all this while using less material than conventional drop stitch. This results in a lighter board that is extremely stiff, thanks to fusion lamination of the top and bottom layers in a glueless process.

Heat Welded Rail - Welding technology turns 2 pieces of material into a single solid unit, resulting in an extra-strong mechanical bond making it stronger, more durable and better for the environment. The welding process creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time.


New for 2022 is Starboard's Lima Tufskin 3 Piece Paddle which features a brand new concave and a World-class Lima shape for an excellent performance. The concave on the power face guides the water throughout the blade, controlling the wobbling and increasing the water flow speed. This allows the blade to separate the water smoothly and lets it become sharper to dictate the water in its path and stabilise the blade.

The Tufskin construction is extremely durable on the blade, using their ABS foil construction from the new lima shape. With the added bonus of the slim profile, this pulls the weight down for improved efficiency.

The shaft is constructed with a filament winding to produce stiffness characteristics with consistent quality and flex.

The slim profile of the 2022 Starboard Lima Tufskin 3 Piece Paddle allows you to pull the blade very close to the rail of the board, giving a nice line. With the added bonus of the large tip area, it allows for maximum forward motion even when the blade is not fully submerged into the water which is a feature handy, especially for beginner paddlers.

The NEW super handle is designed to give the paddler a more firm grip onto the paddle with a flat top and a wide grip to aid in paddling especially at speed. The new super handle wants you to keep a grip in any conditions and is also really comfortable to hold.

The Trash Picker is a no brainer for everyone! The trash picker is a strap that holds onto your paddle that allows you to pick up trash in the water in order to save our waters. It is made from recycled plastic and is a perfect companion on your journey to saving the ocean!