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SUPER 73 Z MIAMI - Sriracha

£1,799.00 GBP £2,399.00

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Discover your neighbourhood in style with the SUPER 73 Z MIAMI - Sriracha, the perfect compact explorer!

Boasting an improved motor, lightweight aluminum frame, and removable battery, the Z Miami is the perfect way to start your journey with SUPER73.


Each bike comes with 4 Pedal Assist Modes and 4 Speed Levels accessible via the SUPER73 App, so you can customize your riding mode to your terrain.


The SUPER73-Z Miami was designed with accessibility in mind. A lightweight frame and compact size makes this the perfect entry point into the world of SUPER73.


The Z Miami’s 4” Trooper street tyres feature a hybrid micro tread designed for efficient rolling velocity. With good handling on the street, this retro influenced tyre is built to tackle the urban landscape with good wear over time.


Effortless neighborhood exploration is made possible with the SUPER73-Z Miami. With a 71cm comfortable banana style seat and a smaller frame, this model is designed to accommodate riders between 1.4m - 1.8m.

Declarations of Conformity (EPAC) available upon request.