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£15.00 GBP

For those who push their bikes to the limits during various on and off-road adventures, these ceramic brake pads offer excellent bite for strong braking response in ranging conditions. Easy to install and long-lasting, your braking performance will continue even when the road ends. This brake pad replacement set includes two pads to replace the front or the rear brake pads; you must order two sets to replace both front and rear brake pads.

*Not compatible with Magura brakes.

  • High-quality ceramic materials for reliable and durable performance
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Provides consistent brake performance under a variety of riding conditions
  • Sold as a pair and includes pad retaining spring

Compatible with; 

  • SUPER73-S Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-S2
  • SUPER73-Z Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-ZX
  • SUPER73-Z Miami
  • SUPER73-SG1