Cornwall Water Sports

SUPER73 ORE OFF ROAD Thumb Throttle

£85.00 GBP

This SUPER73 ORE Off-Road Throttle is designed specifically for riders to use on private land, closed racing tracks, etc.

Experience unparalleled off-roading with the SUPER73-ORE Throttle! This incredible throttle lets you take your rides to the next level. Compatible with the S2, R Series, and ZX models, the SUPER73-ORE Throttle is your perfect riding companion.

It lets you tap into the full motor power of the RX and S2 bikes with no pedaling—just open the Super73 app and select “unlimited mode” for an adrenaline-filled ride of up to 45kmph/32mph+.


We recommend wearing protective gear as these bikes are powerful. Ride safely and enjoy it!