Cornwall Water Sports

Surf Glass Mini Cruise

£179.00 GBP

The Surf Glass in Typhoon in size 24 is a Cruiser board. It features Small flexy fibercarve cruiser that will fit in a backpack, Cambered nose to tail, 3.5" Tensor Alloy trucks with hollow kingpin and axle and 58mm 83a RetroFlex wheels. It also has Clear broadcast, Semi-translucent deck.

Dimensions: 24" x 6.125" x 14"WB

Surf Glass Series

Our new wood-less construction has been built from the ground-up, modernizing the bygone era of skateboarding when surfboard shapers would make skateboards out of leftover fiberglass. Much like our Fiber-Carve construction, these boards are made to carve and the convex deck adds a playful bounce. Paired with all new back-set, extra wide RetroFlex 58mm wheels and Tensor alloy trucks with hollow axle and kingpin, the Surf Glass Series is perfect for carving up banks and invoking yesteryear nostalgia. Now available in two sizes.