Cornwall Water Sports


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  • Channel flex upper body - Weightless, unrestricted movement.
  • Second generation celliant black high pile with hollow fibre chest
  • Ultra stretch arms and legs - Ultimate flexibility
  • 100% Ultra flex lower body - Comfort and ease of movement
  • Nanoprene lite Japanese limestone neoprene
  • Glide skin collar
  • Chest zip - Easy entry system with semi-dry zipper and magnetic closure
  • Engineered fit - Superior comfort and fit
  • Drylock wrist seals - To eliminate flush
  • Back knee flex grooves - Less restrictive and more comfort
  • Triple glued and blind stitched - For a water tight seal
  • FusionX tape - For increased durability
  • Nexskin ankle seals - Keeps the suit where it needs to be and eliminates flushing
  • Water based glue - Eco friendly construction

Chanel Flex - Excels newest material technology, completely reinvents the wetsuit experience.  This exterior lightweight, hydrophobic gridded material breaks up tension by reducing fibre and water weight, allowing a surfer to have complete free-range of motion.

Celliant Black - Unmatched, continuous warmth,  Next generation FDA designated Thermo Dry Cellian with enhanced heat-retaining minerals to maintain the warmth generated through the infrared process, with brushed hollow fibres enhancing the air particles trapped between your body and suit.